Eparé Wine Glasses - Set of 2 - 10 oz Stemless Tumbler Cup - Stem Free Tumblers - Spill Preventing Glassware Cups - Thick Silicone Base

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Brand: Eparé

Color: Clear


  • Don't Spill Your Red Wine: You won't need to whine over spilled vino with these beautiful cups. These lovely double-walled wine glasses are outfitted with a stabilizing silicone base. Because wine spills large & small can spoil a relaxing moment!
  • Stunning Double-Walled Design: Whether you prefer cabernet or chardonnay, your wine will shine inside these stunning vessels. Even cheap grape shows off beautifully in these classy glasses that create the stunning optical illusion of floating liquid!
  • Keep Drinks Cold Longer: The double walls add a layer of insulation between the inside and outside glass, so drinks stay hot or cold. Fill them with cold white wine or hot coffee - they keep temperatures steady and resist condensation on the outside.
  • Made of Handblown Borosilcate Glass: They're pretty, but tough and durable too. While lighter and thinner than other glasses, they're made from hand-blown borosilicate glass and are built for everyday use. And they're dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • Eparé Trusted Quality: You will receive two (2) Silicone Base Wine Glasses measuring 5.125 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide. They weigh just 7.3 ounces and have a full 10 ounce capacity. We stand behind our quality.

Details: It's a beautiful thing when form, function and durability come together in a kitchenware product you will be proud to own. Expect nothing less from Eparé. These shapely double-walled wine glasses offer both utility and aethestic pleasure. Our Silicone Base Wine Glasses feature a stabilizing silicone platform for the glasses to nest securely inside of. So you can expect far fewer wine spills, which can spoil the mood of a special gathering and cause embarrassment for the spiller. But the features don't stop there. The double-wall construction insulates the glass so you can enjoy your favorite wine chilled to perfection. The insulation effect will also let you enjoy your favorite cocktail, juice, or soda undiluted by melted ice longer than regular glasses. The double-walled design also keeps the outside of the glasses room temperature, so cold drinks won't feel uncomfortable in your hand. The design even prevents condensation on the exterior glass, so you won't have to worry about mess or damage to tabletops. And, last but not least, you'll enjoy drinking in the pleasing optical illusion of the liquids floating in air inside your glass. Made of tough, hand-blown borosilicate glass, these attractive vessels are made virtually without defects, unlike many imitators. They are fine in the dishwasher and microwave so they don't demand special treatment. Buy with the confidence of knowing they are backed by the Eparé limited lifetime warranty.

EAN: 0854767005682

Package Dimensions: 9.1 x 6.9 x 4.8 inches

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