2 Pack High borosilicate heat-resistant glass color jade 65 office tea home cup

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Brand: SANZO

Color: Transparent


  • Good tea needs a good cup: Why use cheap, simple boring tea and coffee cups to compromise the taste and appearance of your daily indulgence?
  • High quality, exquisite porcelain cups and matching dishes will be your daily drinking experience.
  • With elegance, sophistication and soft, soft colours with gold-plated rims and handles, this set will immediately enhance the decor of any room and add a lively glass to your collection.
  • Create a unique gift: Are you looking for the perfect gift for tea and coffee drinkers in your life?
  • Grab your classic tea and coffee today and make tea time stylish and fun!

Details: Taste a perfect cup of coffee every day: Whether you are cooking Arabica, French media, dripping, pine tea or your favorite aromatic herbal drink, this exquisite porcelain tea set and coffee set can not only add style, every bite, But in an irresistible, elegant look, as well as your space!

EAN: 8011125945246

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