Achla Designs 8 3/4-in Glass Plate, Plant Tray Terrarium Saucer

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Brand: Achla

Color: Clear


  • Functional for houseplants– clear glass rimmed plates can be used as saucers beneath Potted houseplants, terrariums, or bell jars or cloches. Tall lip can hold glass beads or stones for plants to drain, containing water and plant debris.
  • Versatile accessory- clear glass round trays are ideal for display of a nature collection, pastries, cheese plate, fruit, seasonal display, table centerpiece, Candles- A multitude of uses! A great base for crafting or DIY wedding/event pieces.
  • Made of glass- clear glass with a high rimmed edge, suitable for use with edibles.
  • In TWO SIZES- Small is 9-inch diameter with 1 ¼-in rim, Large is 10 ½-inch with 1 ½-in H rim.
  • Glassware for gardening- Acela Designs has a full collection of glassware for both indoor and outdoor gardening. Look for our bell jars, terrariums, plant trays in copper and glass, colored glass rooting vases and flower aquariums.

Details: Made of clear glass, this tray is an attractive saucer to place under pots to catch excess water and soil.

Package Dimensions: 9.8 x 9.7 x 2.2 inches

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