Anti Spill Wine Glasses (4 Champagne Glasses) for Boat Sailboat Pontoon RV Yacht Spill Proof (8 oz) Crystal Glasses (Attractive Magnetic Stainless Steel Board not included)

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Brand: Royal Stabilis

Color: Champagne


  • WINNER OF THE MIAMI INTERNATIONAL BOAT SHOW (MIBS) AWARD. Anti-Spill Wine Glasses won the Miami International Boat Show 2017 Innovation Award. This is the perfect gift for a friend, a loved one or even yourself.
  • BETTER WINE TASTING EXPERIENCE WITH HIGH QUALITY CRYSTAL GLASSES: As a wine lover, never compromise! Wine drinking out of plastic cups or glasses: No thank you!
  • 4 HIGH RESISTANCE TO BREAKAGE ULTRA-CLEAR LEAD FREE CRYSTAL GLASSES: Totally transparent, ideal for appreciating wine, shaped to assist and develop aromatic bouquet of the wine. Easy to carry with the included Convenient Carrying Case.
  • SPILL PROOF! THANKS TO OUR TECHNOLOGY (PATENT PENDING): Integrated magnet keeps the glasses from spilling. After trying many different combinations of magnets, glasses and steel, we found the perfect balanced solution providing quality, stability and functionality.
  • SAIL WITH PEACE OF MIND. CAN BE PLACED ANYWHERE: The attractive magnetic stainless steel board with its non-slip bumpers can be placed anywhere; on your yacht, sailboat, RV, picnic table, sand and other surface. Fits 4 wine glasses. No need to use the cup holders anymore.

Details: Royal Stabilis Anti-Spill Wine Glasses for Boats – Sailboat - Pontoon - RV – Yacht - Picnic Set - etc. Finally, you can drink wine the way you are supposed to, do not worry about your glass anymore, just watch your wine dance with the waves, our Anti-Spill Technology is taking care of your glass. IMPORTANT: If you are a new client, you need to purchase a minimum of one (1) Attractive Magnetic Stainless Steel Board. The Anti-Spill Wine Glasses and the Magnetic Board are sold separately. Why are we selling the Anti-Spill Wine Glasses and the Magnetic Stainless Steel Board Separately: Depending on your utilization you may want to purchase more Boards and Glasses. You may purchase multiple boards so your guests can put their drinks anywhere they want. We give you the liberty to choose the combination you desire. Suggested configuration for a pontoon: 12 Glasses (4 Red Wine / 4 White Wine / 4 Champagne) and 3 Magnetic Stainless Steel Boards. Specifications of the Anti-Spill Wine Glasses: Ultra clear lead free Crystal. The Anti-Spill Wine Glasses have a high resistance to breakage. Specifications of the Magnetic Stainless Steel board: Rust proof. 8 inches by 8 inches with non slip bumpers. Fits 4 wine glasses, can be placed anywhere: on your yacht, sailboat, pontoon, RV, picnic table, sand and other surface The Anti-Spill Technology: Each Wine Glass is perfectly balanced. A Strategically integrated magnet keeps the glass on the Magnetic Stainless Steel Board. Convenient Carrying Case: Included when you purchase any category of Anti-Spill Wine Glasses (Red, White, Champagne). Easy to carry 4 glasses from your boat to your house. It is the perfect Gift!

Package Dimensions: 15.2 x 10.1 x 4.1 inches

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