Bathroom Mirror Mirror, LED Illuminated, Φ60cm/70cm/80cm Round Modern Style, Wall-Mounted Backlit Mirror Shaving/Virtual Makeup

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Brand: Bathroom Mirror

Color: White Light+touch


  • ❣❣ 5MM high-definition silver mirror, waterproof and anti-corrosion, easy to clean + 2CM frosted edge, soft light effect, high light transmission, protect eyes
  • ❣❣ High-brightness LED strip (white/warm light), low power consumption, energy saving, insulation technology, safe and waterproof, suitable for wet environments such as bathrooms
  • ❣❣ Explosion-proof lenses, lens debris does not splash when accidental damage occurs, and you and your family are protected to the utmost extent
  • ❣❣ White light / warm light, no touch switch, touch switch, 60/70/80 cm multiple choices, choose the right size according to the actual situation
  • ❣❣ Round European modern style, wall-mounted design, not only as a mirror, but also as a home decoration (for dressing rooms, beauty salons, hotels,barbershop etc.)

EAN: 6189211734653

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