Champagne Glasses - Lead Free Titanium Crystal Sparkling Wine Glass, 7.5 oz. Elegant Fluted Glassware - For Weddings, Parties and Special Celebrations – Set of 3

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Brand: RÖD Wine

Color: Clear


  • When it comes to champagne flutes SHAPE DOES MATTER since the tall skinny bowl has a tapered lip to hold in the carbonation longer than a shallow, wide wine glass since the surface area on top is smaller. With a 7.5 oz. glass of your favourite bubbles you can sip and toast with family and friends all evening long.
  • Elevate your food and wine experience with the perfect balance of the glass in your hand, the touch of the elegant stem between your fingers, beautiful crystal chime from the rim and delicate scent of your favourite wine swirling around the bowl. It's not just a drink; IT'S AN EXPERIENCE for you and your guests every time.
  • There was as much thought and effort put into our impressive packaging as with our wine glass creation. Our beautifully created boxes have a unique place and click design that holds your glasses firmly in place so they always arrive in one piece and can even be used for storage after the fact. It's the PERFECT GIFT SET for the wine enthusiasts in your life.
  • Crafted in one of the most renowned glass regions in the world – Bohemia, Czech Republic using eco-friendly manufacturing practices with less water and TITANIUM CRYSTAL instead of lead, making them strong and durable so they will last and last, even after putting them through the dishwasher hundreds of times.
  • Our customers don't just buy products from us but become part of our culture. With your purchase you will receive a special eBook called WINE WISDOM. It's 193 pages of information on conduct, regions, and definitions, buying guides, good practices, recipes and pairings. If you are not happy for any reason we will provide a full refund for a period of 90 days.

Binding: Kitchen

Details: Tired Of Cheap Champagne Glasses Of Low Quality? Would You Like To Improve Your Drinking Experience With Glasses That Enhance The Taste, Have Beautiful Shapes & Come In A Sexy Box?CLICK ADD TO CART!

RÖD Wine glasses come in an elegant box with 3 glasses. Crafted in one of the most renowned glassmaking regions in the world - Bohemia, Czech Republic. Classic European design from the early 1900s and produced from a 100-year-old secret recipe. All our products are made of Ecological Lead-Free Crystal, also called Crystalline, ensures increased durability and other crystal properties - like how the light reflects in the glass. Ecologically produced at a modern plant with water restrictions/recycling and a smelting process which runs on electricity.

Q: What types of champagne glasses are there and what are their names?
A: Champagne glasses come in all sizes and shapes. The most common ones are flutes, trumpets, tulips and coupes (saucers). The names describe the shape of the bowl. The tulip looks like a tulip, the trumpet like a trumpet. While elegant, both the trumpets and saucers let out the bubbles faster and makes the champagne go flat. The tulip is a well known connoisseur glass that keeps the flavors in but at the cost of sturdiness. If you are going for a champagne glass, the flute is preferred and also the most popular.

Q: How do I serve a glass of sparkling wine or champagne?
A: Keep the champagne at around 42-48F, use an ice bucket with water to keep cool after opened. Take the foil off the top part and gently take of the wires. Hold a firm grip around the shaft of the bottle and rotate the cork against your palm. You will start to feel the pressure inside push the cork out. Hold it down with your palm while twisting and just let it slide out of the bottle. This should be done while holding the bottle at a slight angle. If done correctly, you will keep as much of the content and carbonation inside instead of all over the place.

Package Dimensions: 12.0 x 12.0 x 4.0 inches

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