Crystal Handmade Blow Red Wine Glass 23.7OZ for Family Bar Party Set of 2pcs Lead Free Glassware

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Brand: SANZO

Color: Clear


  • [Dishwasher safe]BUT do not force them tightly over dishwasher rack prongs. Do not twist the stem against the bowl.
  • [Set of two] high quality, elegant design, good for home, restaurant or hotel;
  • Each glass holds 23.7 ounces ;
  • [Non-lead material]extraordinarily clear and sparkle in sunlight;
  • The slim, drawn stem gives the wine glass not only a touch of elegance, but also stability.

Details: Towards the glass edge, the opening of the glass narrows: The fine wine flows evenly over the tongue, develops its full aroma and bestows complete enjoyment. All wine glass are free from lead, extraordinarily clear and sparkle in sunlight. Our secret: During the glass melting we add own shards of crystal glass. That saves energy and protects the environment.

EAN: 0743811891763

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