Diamond Star Stacking Glasses Fruit Set of 4 10 oz Cups Pear Pineapple Colorful Stackable Drinking Glass Sets Yellow with Green Leaf Glassware for Drinking Water, Bear

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Brand: Diamond Star

Color: Yellow


  • This glasses designed to resemble a whole pineapple, there has 3 yellow cups with pineapple pattern and one cup with leaves. This set shows as a pineapple when stack all four cups together, and when pulled apart reveals four water glasses
  • Our Stacking Tumblers are made from toughened glass, safe for use just about anywhere from a school canteen to a busy kitchen. Features an indented base, designed for easy stacking without trapping air and getting stuck.
  • Guaranteed to bring life and vigour to your drinks, your home or kitchen will more distinctive with these tumblers. Add a colorful touch to your kitchen or outdoor area with this CreativeWare 10.5-oz glasses Tumbler Set. (Each cup is almost 10.5 oz / 250 ml)
  • This stackable glasses are perfect for drinks and cocktails but can also can be placed at home as a decoration for guests to watch, that would be an amazing figure
  • All our glasses are guaranteed. If you receive your order and you find broken glasses take a picture and email us immediately! We will replace them thanks to the "Broken and Returned" Guarantee.

Package Dimensions: 6.6 x 6.6 x 4.2 inches

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