Double Old Fashioned Crystal Glasses, Set of 6 Whiskey Glasses, Perfect for Serving Scotch, Cocktails, or Mixed Drinks. (New York) pattern

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Brand: Le'raze

Color: Clear


  • Design incorporates deep contemporary linear cuts One of the most popular patterns in crystal barware.
  • Each set includes 6 Sparkling Double Old Fashioned glasses of the famos New York Collection, Perfect for your favorite Whiskey/Scotch.
  • Each glass crafted in nearly 1-pound, holds 12 fluid ounces Each glass measures 3.25" x 3.25" x 3.5"
  • This straight line cut crystal Double Old Fashioned set has a modern yet "timeless" look. Crafted in the Tuscan Region of Italy,
  • This tumbler features a universal shape wide enough for the liquor to breathe and perfect for all types of whiskeys and bourbon. The weight of the glass is perfect - heavy enough to make it feel great when holding it, but not too heavy.

Details: This Elegant set of Rocks glasses are the perfect solution for the discerning person who wants quality and style, and a premium product at an affordable price. · You want to savor the smell and aroma - the nose of your favorite liquor · You know the feel of a well balanced, heavy-base rocks glass · It has to look good in your bar set or china cabinet This set of 6, 9 ounce rocks glasses oozes style and is sure to be a conversation piece with your spouse and your friends · The high quality glass is strong and showcases your drink creations perfectly, whether neat or on the rocks, an old fashioned or a new concoction. The curved edges not only provide a unique shape, but also accentuate the flavors and smells of your favorite drinks · These glasses accommodate large, single slow-melt ice cubes with plenty of room for your scotch, whiskey or tequila and can easily manage any mixed drink It's in the afternoon somewhere. Grab a glass, try a new recipe and enjoy life with your friends and family! Impress your Friends and Family · Showcase these beautiful glasses in your china cabinet or bar cart · These stylish glasses are dishwasher safe for easy maintenance · Take full advantage of the taste and smell of the drinks you create. The aroma (nose) of a beverage plays a crucial role in the taste you experience.

Package Dimensions: 14.1 x 9.7 x 4.4 inches

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