Hand Blown Stemless Wine Glasses, Set of 2 - Naturally Aerating, Elegant Wine Glassware for Cabernet, Pinot Noir, Merlot, and Blends - CulinexCo.com Spinning Wine Tumblers for Him and Her, 12 Oz.

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Brand: Veracity & Verve

Color: Glass


  • RAISE A GLASS TO GOOD WINE AND GOOD FRIENDS: Friendships come and go, but a good wine stays with you forever. Finding that perfect wine that hits the palet just perfectly and breathes life into your every aura is rare and something to be appreciated. Our luxurious, beautiful hand blow glass pieces are the perfect accessory to that perfect sip of wine. Delicate yet robust, these wine glass tumblers mimic the very wine you imbibe in, making them the perfect accessory to share with a friend.
  • FORGO THE DECANTER ALTOGETHER: These modern spinning wine glasses add elegance and unique functionality to your drinking experience. Because they pivot around the base of the glass, the liquid is constantly in motion, allowing constant kinetic aeration - a process that relieves red wines of harsh flavors and sulfides. Our no stem wine glass set allows for prime kinetic aeration, allowing these harsh compounds to evaporate and leaving you with just the pure taste of rich flavors on your tongue.
  • YOUR THOUGHTS SHOULD SLIP AWAY, NOT YOUR GLASSWARE: The durable and ergonomic way the curves of these wine drinking glasses fit into the palm of your hand allow for an effortlessly smooth grip that eliminates spills or mishaps. Furthermore, because of the unique pointed bases, the glasses are constantly in pivotal motion so it’s virtually possible to knock it over. Plus, these non-drip glass goblets keep the legs of the wine from dripping over the edges and getting on your hands or table cloth.
  • A PERFECT PAIR FOR THE PERFECT PAIR: These wine glass gift set is a great way to show someone you love them. These stemless wine glasses for couples are the perfect accessory for a romantic dinner, hanging out on the back patio, or some sexy alone time in the bedroom. This “Him and Her” wine tumbler pair is a special surprise for the one you love. You can gift it as a Valentines or Anniversary present. Each set come with 2 glasses in a luxurious black gift box with a personalized sleeve.

Details: A Glass With Class There are thousands of wine glasses available on the market, yet most of them look the same and primarily function to hold wine. When we designed these aerator wine glasses, we wanted to take the functionality aspect to an entire new level. With these stemless wine glass goblets, you’re not just getting a premium, high quality set of wine cups; you’re getting uniquely-designed aerating glasses that help expand the notes in your red wines while also looking elegant and feeling luxurious to the touch. Don’t Forget The White Wines While aerating white wines isn’t necessary, it doesn’t mean that these these red wine glasses don’t work perfectly as white wine glasses just as effectively. When you pick out a wine from the store, it’s often the looks of the bottle that capture your interest. That’s because we make the connection that what’s pleasing to our eyes will also be pleasing to our lips. The same theory is true with wine glasses. A good Pinot Grigio just won’t taste the same in a plastic cup as it will in a classy glassware. With the elegant feel of our glass combined with the unique structure of it, you’ll want to drink everything out of one of these CulinexCo.com glasses. Product Dimensions and Accessories: Your purchase comes with 2 hand-blown, glass aerating glasses that tilt, each holds about 12 oz of liquid. It comes in an elegant black and white gift box with velour-lining and the CulinexCo.com on the gloss white lid on the front.

Package Dimensions: 10.8 x 6.7 x 6.4 inches

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