Houseables Mirror Centerpieces, Round Tray, 12 Pk, 10", Glass, for Wedding Table, Party Décor, Reception, Vanity, Craft, Candle Plate Set, Decorative Tiles, Flat, Lightweight Charger, Modern

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Brand: Houseables

Color: Glass


  • A WEDDING TO REMEMBER: Our mirror centerpieces make for great table décor at any wedding. Placing themed items atop the centerpieces allow the mirror to give them a delicate look that also highlights their details.
  • GOES A LONG WAY: One pack includes 12 rounded mirrors to set upon each table at your celebration’s venue. Use them at guest tables or to bring a little bit of ambiance to the snack spread.
  • ONE YOU CAN TRUST: Our mirrored centerpieces are made of durable glass that you can count on for your big day. No one wants to have to sweat the small stuff on their wedding, birthday, and other milestones that are intended to be nothing but fun.
  • INTRODUCE NEW LIFE: Our centerpieces can be used around the home to bring new life to what might previously have been a bland nightstand or living room table. Place some candles upon it and you have a delightfully chic set-up.
  • FOR THE DESIGNER EYE: If you’re into home décor and love a good mirror, a little DIY can transform your living space. Mount these mirrors throughout your home for a classic and convenient (we all need to check our hair sometimes) look. Note: Plate does not come ready with wall-mounting capabilities.

Details: For the Best Day of Your Life For many, their wedding day is the event that they have been excited for since they played around in a veil or a bowtie as a child. The focus of the day should be about the couple ready to make their love official, not worrying about the things that could go wrong. You can breathe a sigh of relief when you see that our centerpieces are gorgeous, yet durable. One less thing to have to check on your wedding day. A Simple Touch Whether you decide to make use of Houseables' mirrored centerpieces at a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or graduation, these accent pieces will add an elevated level of trendiness to your celebration. The reflective function of this décor can bring an air of chicness that you never knew you needed. All of your guests will feel utterly posh, surrounded by such elegant adornments. Bundle of Fun With 12 mirrored plates, you can use a few to add some flair to your tables around your home. If you're a candle lover, these centerpieces are perfect for placing your favorite scents. If you're looking to install a smaller personal mirror in your bedroom, these can also be wall-mounted after a little DIY. These plates do not come with mounting capabilities built in. Dual Purpose Not only can Houseables' mirrored centerpieces bring an upscale aura to your home, but they also serve a practical purpose as well. Getting wax on expensive furniture is no fun for the appearance of your home or for your wallet. Our trays can serve as a safeguard between your prized furniture and your favorite scented candle.

Package Dimensions: 11.8 x 11.7 x 4.3 inches

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