Invisible Shield Glass Essentials Cleans Your Glass and Hard Surfaces (Hard Water)

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Brand: Invisible Shield


  • Includes Clean, Protect and Maintain Kit: Includes 10 fl. oz . Hard Water Stain Remover, 10 fl. oz. Protective Glass Shower Coating/Repellent and 25 fl. oz. Glass Cleaner to Care for the glass after the Protective Glass Coating Treatment
  • Cleans hard water, soap scum and build up from shower glass and wall tile. Protective Coating seals the pores of the glass to prevent future soap stains. Comes with a dual action glass cleaner that repels water, soil, grime and fingerprints ongoing to keep shower glass & tile sparkling for years
  • One Protective Coating application lasts up to a full year or longer.
  • One Protective Coating application lasts up to a full year or longer.

Details: Invisible Shield products clean shield and protect surfaces with nano-scale "barrier" coating technologies that protect the surface against the adhesion and build-up of water, soil & stains for easier cleaning and improved appearance. They are easy to use and keep surfaces sparkling clean & looking like new for years to come.
Invisible Shield continues to offer the most advanced cleaning/coating technologies available at competitive prices compared to other products on the market.
We urge customers to perform comparative testing on the available products including "durability" tests to verify some of the broad and "unsubstantiated" claims that are being made.
The INVISIBLE SHIELD Water Spot & Stain Remover is a mildly, abrasive cream cleanser that removes tough stains & minerals from glass, porcelain & ceramics. It is safe, effective, easy to use and will not scratch. For use on: Showers, Windows, Sinks, Tubs, Tile, & More.
The INVISIBLE SHIELD Protective Glass & Surface Coating repels dirt, soap scum & hard water minerals on contact. It makes cleaning around the house remarkably easier! For use on Showers, Baths, Tubs, Tile, Sinks, Toilets, Polycarbonates, Formica, Fiberglass, Chrome Appliances & More.
Unelko has been a pioneer in the glass and surface care industry since it was originally launched in 1973 with the invention of the globally distributed, Original Rain-X line of automotive products for improved visibility & driving safety. This patented technology was a method for protecting hard surfaces and rendering them water repellent.
Following the sale of its world-famous Rain-X and Repcon businesses to Quaker State Corporation in 1997, Unelko did not rest and focused on advanced surface care technologies that provide new, practical solutions to old problems. Clean-X Invisible Shield brands represent these new technologies.

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