Kegco 3PSD-4755J Carboy, 4.75 Gallon, Clear

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Brand: Kegco

Color: Clear


  • This Kegco Wide Mouth Glass Carboy has a 4.75 gallon capacity that is great for smaller batches
  • Smooth glass surface does not scratch easily, so it's easy to sanitize and won't hold odors
  • Lid features a recessed cap that can be replaced with a breather cap or a rubber stopper with an airlock
  • Wide mouth design allows you to reach your whole arm inside the jar for thorough cleaning
  • Carrying straps make it easy to move or transport your fermenting brew

Details: Specially designed to be the ideal fermentation vessel for 3 gallon batches of homebrew beer, Kegco's 4.75 Gallon Wide Mouth Glass Carboy has a durable design that does not scratch easily, making it easy to sanitize and preventing it from holding odors after fermentation. It is airtight and will not break down over time, providing you with decades of great performance when handled with care.Unlike normal carboys, this Kegco carboy has a wide mouth design that allows you to reach all the way inside, making it easy to clean and to add or remove ingredients. You can stick your whole arm inside of the vessel to reach the entire surface with a cleaning cloth, ensuring that bacteria has no place to hide. This Kegco carboy also features a screw top lid that stays on securely throughout fermentation, unlike a foamy bung. The lid has a removable cap in a recessed area that can double as an air lock or hold a #3 stopper for your own air lock. This carboy comes with convenient carrying straps that make it easy to move and transport.

Package Dimensions: 18.3 x 13.6 x 13.6 inches

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