Kegco Carboy, 5. Gallon, Clear & Black

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Brand: Kegco

Color: Clear & Black


  • WIDE MOUTH MAKES CLEANING EASIER THAN EVER: The glass jar is less likely to get scratched up than a plastic carboy or bucket, so these jars are already easy to clean, but the wide mouth makes it even more convenient than a normal carboy. Stick your whole arm inside of the vessel to reach all of the surface area with a cleaning cloth, ensuring bacteria has no place to hide.
  • INSTALL YOUR OWN AIR LOCK: When using this jar as a fermenter, gas will be released from your brew. If the vessel were sealed airtight, the added gas could cause the jar to explode if not vented properly, but if there is not a good seal, your brew could become oxidized. The removable cap on the lid allows you to install a drilled #3 rubber stopper with your own air lock so the gas can vent without allowing in oxygen.
  • BUILT-IN AIR LOCK: The lid has a recessed area with a removable cap that can be replaced with a breather cap to use as an air lock. The breather cap allows gas to escape from the container during fermentation and having it in a recessed area allows you to fill it with sanitizer so that the released gas can bubble out, but harmful oxygen and impurities cannot get in and contaminate your brew.
  • ADJUSTABLE DIAL TO SET BREW DATE: The lid features an adjustable dial that allows you to set the date that you begin fermentation, so if you have multiple batches going at the same time in different jars, it's easy to keep track of when each one started! Simply turn the inner dial to the month and the outer dial to the day. No more sticking a piece of tape on the side with a date scribbled on it!
  • DURABLE STRAPS MAKE CARRYING EASY: If you've ever tried picking up a slippery jar that's filled with a few gallons of liquid, you'll appreciate the convenience and safety of having a strong woven nylon strap to lift and carry the jar from place to place. The straps fit snugly around the jar and criss-cross the bottom to evenly support the weight, but can be quickly slid off the jar for cleaning.

Details: Packed with convenient features, this Kegco 5.5 gallon wide mouth glass carboy is the perfect fermentation vessel for 5 gallon batches! It features a wide mouth design that allows you to easily reach inside of the jar to clean and add or remove ingredients. Glass jars have a smooth surface that does not scratch easily, leaving bacteria with nowhere to hide and preventing nasty odors and tastes. These carboys will not break down over time, so they can provide decades of superior performance if handled with care. This jar has enough head space above the surface of 5 gallons of liquid to allow foamy Krause to form on top of the beer. It features a plastic lid that creates an airtight seal on the jar and has a recessed area with a removable cap that lets you install an Airlock to release gasses during fermentation. If you install the included breather cap and fill the recessed area with sanitizer, it will bubble off gas without letting oxygen or other contaminants in. We've included nylon straps that help make transporting the glass container simpler and safer.

Package Dimensions: 19.0 x 15.0 x 14.7 inches

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