Le Parfait Jam Pots | 11oz (Pack of 6) 324ml Clear Jars with Orange Snap Lid | Sturdy French Faceted Non-Slip Glass Body | Works as Drinking Glass Cup for Iced Tea or Coffee & Spice Storage

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Brand: Le Parfait

Color: Pots - 324ml - 11oz


  • PACK OF QUALITY JARS: Le Parfait has been dedicated to preserving your healthy lifestyle needs - and the world around us - since 1930. Le Parfait's 6-Packs of easy-grip Faceted Body Jars has made of quality glass to preserve food flavor and for long time use. Our packages are environmentally friendly, perfect for eco-conscious consumers.
  • DURABLE SNAP COVER/LIDS: Le Parfaits glass has wider openings, sturdier closing systems & French sophistication that will last a lifetime. Jam Pots have a beaded glass rim perfect for drinkware and on-the-go snacks. These bright orange covers are useful kitchen accessories and perfectly suited for fridge storage.
  • CLASSIC & IDEAL SIZE: Jam Pots superior design and beauty provide you an escape from the same old cracked glass, seal failures, rusty bands, and industrial appearance. Our 11oz clear glass jars are visibly great for homemade jelly jam recipes and can be used as an iced coffee glass and food storage.
  • VERSATILE JARS: Why use ordinary containers when you have quality glass? Le Parfait glass jars are multipurpose; useful to preserve your harvest and store dry goods or leftover food. These are cute decorations for homemade sauces and spreads, candle making, and a container for bath salt, body butter, and other beauty products.
  • TRUSTED BY PROFESSIONALS- We know the importance of premium quality products. Le Parfait's glass jars are used by professional chefs and bakers because of our dependability and durability. We made sure to create superior jars with higher European standards to fit your everyday healthy lifestyle needs.

Details: Le Parfait glassware has been authentically Made in France since the early 1930s and is recognized globally for superior quality. L'ORIGINALE : Often imitated, but never replicated, Le Parfait endorses a versatile product range which can be confidently used for long-term preservation of food products, pantry organization, elegant tabletop storage, gourmet food service, artful decoration, and glass packaging for the finest specialty goods. PRESERVE.STORE.SERVE.DÉCOR. : With timeless beauty, the Le Parfait brand nurtures popularity by responding to the modern trends of: Enjoying healthy, natural, seasonal, and local food...Reducing food waste and energy consumption...Experiencing and sharing the enjoyment of homemade cooking and entertaining...Presenting artisan gifts with creativity and French-country decor. DESIGN.FUNCTION.BEAUTY : Le Parfait Jam Jars have unique, faceted glass bodies for secure grip and effortless opening ---- Jam Pots have a clean, beaded glass rim with plastic cover ---- Jam Jars have a beautifully printed metal twist-off cap that universally fits all Jam Jars ---- Use Jam Jars for irresistibly delicious jam, jelly & chutney recipes, fridge-ready OR long-term preserves ---- Versatile Jam Pots double as robust drinking glasses, Cheers! Santé! ---- These jars are reusable and durable, perfect for a lifetime of fulfilling your daily lifestyle demands. ---- Le Parfait products use crystal clear glass to showcase the quality of the contents with an upscale image ---- You can radiate sophistication with a touch of vintage French flair ---- These jars are ideal for gifting, so you can present HomeMade, with distinction. LE PARFAIT: PRESERVING WHAT'S BEST

EAN: 3250269400593

Package Dimensions: 12.3 x 9.4 x 6.7 inches

Part Number: Jam Pots

model number: Jam Pots

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