Light In The Dark 5 Inch Round Mirror Candle Plate with Beveled Edge Set of 12 - Small Round Mirrors for Centerpieces, Wall Décor, Crafts

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Brand: Light In The Dark

Color: Round Mirror Bevelled Edge


  • SET OF 12 round mirror plates.
  • Round mirrors trays are 5 INCHES in diameter with a classic BEVELED EDGE design.
  • Crafted from HIGH QUALITY GLASS, these mirrors have a modern and sophisticated look.
  • Decorative mirrored plates are perfect home accent or event décor. Can be used as a wedding table centerpiece, candle holders, vases, wall décor, vanity or craft projects.
  • Mirrors arrive packaged in a thick padded box to ensure safe arrival and easy storage until needed.


Pack of 12 round mirrors. Size: 5 inch diameter.

A round mirror plate is a great idea how to display your candles including pillar candles, taper and votive candles.

This mirrored candle tray will add a decorative touch to your home as well as keep your candles upright to ensure no wax spills or drips on your floor or surfaces, keeping them protected.

Used as a table centerpieces, perfume or cosmetics trays as well as for a craft projects such as etching, hand painting, and more.

Designed with a Bevel Edge, not only will this candle holder protect your surfaces but it is a great way to reflect the light from your lit candles, to create a dramatic effect in your living space.

Package Dimensions: 6.8 x 6.7 x 4.5 inches

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