Living Plus Glass Steamer Basket (10.5 Inch)

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Brand: Living Plus

Color: Clear


  • Made for steaming healthy vegetables, meat, pasta and dumplings
  • Compatible to Luminarc Glass pot and casserole 2.5L/2.5 QT and 5L/5 QT
  • Oven and Dishwasher safe
  • Clear design to see through cooking
  • Stackable

Details: Glass Steamer Basket 10.5 inch / Materials: Borosilicate Glass/ Manufacturer: Xiamen Longwei Glass Products Co. LTD/ Country of Origin: China/ Dimensions: (Length including handles): 12 in x (Width) 10.5 in x (Height) 4 in. Handling Precautions: In case of strong impact, do not use for any purpose other than indicated use. Care Instructions: Your glass cookware is dishwasher safe. If you use a dishwasher, load your items to avoid bumping against other items during the dishwashing cycle. Please note: hand washing with warm, soapy water is recommended to prolong the life of your glass cookware. Do not use abrasive or harsh cleaners on your cookware. To avoid water marks on your cookware, please dry immediately after washing. You may use a metal scouring pad on your cookware to remove any discoloration that may occur after cooking certain foods.

Package Dimensions: 14.3 x 13.1 x 5.8 inches

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