Luminarc/Stemless Glass Tumblers 12 Pc Set

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Brand: Luminarc

Color: Clear


  • DURABLE AND ELEGANT: Stemless design offers a sturdy glass with a clean, modern look.
  • EASY TO STORE AND WASH: The compact design allows glasses to easily fit into the cabinet and dishwasher
  • DESIGNED FOR ALL TYPES OF WINE: Versatile design allows wine drinker to get full aroma from either white or red wines.
  • VERSATILE: While they are designed for wine, they also work very well as drink cups or a parfait desert container.
  • GREAT VALUE: A dozen great tumblers for under $40 allows you to stock your bar with the finest equipment while still saving money for the drinks to go in them

Details: These wine glasses offer a practical glass for elegant dinners or a simple glass of wine after work. The stemless design makes for a sturdy glass that is less likely to get knocked over. In addition by removing the stem, these wine glasses are much easier to store and wash. Dishwasher safe, a must buy for anyone looking to stock their bar!

Package Dimensions: 13.8 x 10.1 x 10.0 inches

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