Neman 18-piece Set of Crystal Glasses in Gift Box, 6 Flute (7 Oz), 6 Wine Glasses (6 Oz), 6 Sherry Glasses (1,3 Oz), Set decorated with Rhinestones, Belarus Glassware, Luxury Crystal Set in Gift Box

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Brand: Neman

Color: Clear


  • Exquisite 18-piece set of different crystal glasses made in Belarus.
  • Neman is a factory with a rich history, which has been a leader in the glass production market for many years.
  • Crystal products are superior in quality to glassware.
  • Thanks to its unique elegant design, this set will be an attractive adornment of the dining room.
  • Packed in a signature gift box, it is a luxury present for special occasions.

Details: Neman is the oldest glass production plant in Belarus. Founded in the 19th century, it is constantly developing and expanding the range of products that now meet the needs of hotels, restaurants, cafes, home and office interiors. This beautiful set of different glasses is made of crystal, which popularity has not passed for many years. Special shapes each of them help to reveal the sophisticated taste of the drink. Artists of the Neman plant skillfully combine tradition and modern production trends. That helps to create timeless designs, which adorn both casual and festive table settings. This set of crystal glasses is a luxury gift for any occasion and may interest collectors.

EAN: 0810891039245

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