Orrefors Personalized Metropol 8oz Coupe Glass Pair, Custom Engraved Crystal Champagne Coupes/Saucers for Champage, Sparkling Wine, Cocktails, Desserts

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Brand: Orrefors

Color: Clear


  • The Orrefors Metropol Coupe Glasses offer a fresh, modern take on the vintage champagne glass.
  • Originally purposed for serving champagne and sparkling wines, the coupe glass is finding new versatility, and quickly replacing the Martini glass in trendy locales across the nation as the glass of choice for shaken or stirred cocktails and martinis served without ice.
  • Adorned with a hint of black color and a distinct edge, these glasses are looking sharp and bang on urban chic.
  • The petite size and rounded design makes it easier to hold your drink and maneuver without sloshing. Coupe glasses show off a drink's vivid clarity or rich emulsion, and the stem keeps you from inadvertently warming your drink with your hand.
  • Standing at 6.42" in height, these gorgeous crystal saucers feature a 3.94" bowl with an ample 8 ounce capacity. Durably crafted from brilliant, high quality lead-free crystal, these glasses make a handsome addition to any home bar, elevating your drinkware's beauty and versatility.
  • Our team will make these elegant coupe glasses one of a kind for you by adding a custom professional engraving to create an excellent and luxurious personalized gift idea for a birthday, bridal shower, housewarming, or other special occasion. Choose a font and use up to two lines of text, 25 characters max per line, or a monogram of up to three initials.
  • Click 'Customize Now' to begin your order and review engraving options.

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