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RCR 25748020006 Wine Glass

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Brand: RCR

Color: Transparent


  • Calice in LUXION
  • Capacity: 15 cl
  • Made in Italy

Details: The characters of LUXION are the hydrolytic transparency, the resistance and the lavabilità in dishwasher. Brilliance of LUXION: The shiny material in the panorama window of the sound. The value of the refractive index of LUXION. Transparency Luxion: A transparent glass, Conforms to European ISO/Pas IWA 8: 2009, because meets with wide margin is the minimum requirements of absence of colour that of transparency (internal transmission, on two cm, more than 98.8%). These characteristics make it the material Great for the tasting and for the hospitality and the hospitality sector, given that enhances the organoleptic characteristics and the sensory analysis of drinks in it, not alterandone taste and flavours in any way. workability: Unlike less luxurious materials, the formulation of LUXION allows you to shape forms complex and extreme, feature great for those makes it but also for the user, which can easily appreciate the results. Resistance hydrolytic lavabilità and dishwasher safe. The hydrolytic class has an important parameter for a material which must be in contact with food, because expresses the tendency to release substances. Luxion Features a resistance of the action of detergents and excellent strength and established to washing in dishwasher, exceeding the threshold of real 1000 washes without any trace of dulling.

Package Dimensions: 13.4 x 9.8 x 7.9 inches

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