Riedel Curly Mini Pink Cyrstaline 24 Ounce Decanter

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Brand: Riedel

Color: Pink


  • Crystal glass
  • Pink color
  • Mouth-blown and handmade
  • Hand wash

Details: Decant your favorite mature red wine in the Riedel Curly Mini Decanter. It is made of hand-blown crystal glass and handmade in the Riedel factory in Kufstein. Decant older wines to separate them from their sediment to bring out the bold flavor. Decant a younger wine to increase aeration and to reveal the hidden complexity, releasing aromas and flavors like never before. Decanted wine has the ability to express higher levels of fruit in red wines and can integrate and smooth out tannins. Decanting is also recommended for young white wines and champagne. Simply hand wash this decanter for easy cleaning. 24 ounce capacity

EAN: 9006206313235

Package Dimensions: 11.5 x 9.0 x 7.7 inches

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