Riedel Sommeliers Black Tie Riesling Grand Cru Glass

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Brand: Riedel

Color: Clear


  • Hand-made fine crystal wine glass with dressy black base
  • Capacity is 13 3/8 ounces and the glass height is 9 7/8 inches
  • Designed to enhance the fine qualities of Riesling, Alsace Grand Cru, Beaujolais Nouveau, and Chianti varietals
  • All hand-made items are made in the European Economic Community
  • Dishwasher Safe

Details: Product Description SOMMELIERS BLACK TIE - the glass series with a touch of glamour from Riedel, the glass manufacturer steeped in tradition. Dress code: Black Tie. With Black Tie, Tirol glass manufacturer Riedel presents a new and spectacular glass series for sophisticated fine dining. 50 years after "Pokal Hoch" - a design by Claus J. Riedel - was presented to the general public for the first time at Expo 58 in Brussels. With its hand-made Black Tie series, Riedel is celebrating the 50th anniversary of this milestone in glass design. Its distinctive features: a black stem for the red wine glasses and a black base for the white wine glasses, combined with the bowls that have proven themselves for decades as part of the Sommeliers collection. Hence the name: Sommeliers Black Tie. The Sommeliers Black Tie glasses work individually, but also in combination with the traditional Sommeliers glasses, as well as all the other glasses from the Riedel collections. Very different effects can be created according to one's inclination and the occasion: from elegant and stripped-back in pure black, to a playful approach based on the harmonious interplay between the different colors and shapes. Sommeliers Black Tie is a stylish and dignified addition to the globally sought-after Sommeliers series. The Grand Cru Wine Glass Collection was launched in 2008 to celebrate 50 years since the introduction of the BGC glass. SOMMELIERS BLACK TIE - 50 years later, we celebrate the anniversary of this iconic glass. The red wine glasses are highlighted by a tall black stem or black base for white wine glasses. SOMMELIERS BLACK TIE is executed in fine crystal, hand-made in the European Economic Community. One of our most exciting collections. Amazon.com Give a special-occasion vintage the presentation it deserves or transform everyday wine drinking into a luxurious event with Riedel's Sommeliers Black Tie stemware collection. A stylish variation of Riedel's 1958 World Exhibition Grand Prix award-winning design, Black Tie offers the original varietal-specific shapes precisely handcrafted of brilliant crystal and adds a dressy finish: a tall black stem on the red wine glasses and a coordinating black base on their white wine mates. This Riesling Grand Cru glass is recommended for Riesling, Alsace Grand Cru, Beaujolais Nouveau, and Chianti. With a 7-3/8-ounce capacity, the bowl's tulip shape directs the wine to the tongue to emphasize the fruit, pleasantly integrate the wine's acidity, and provide a long, balanced finish. The glass comes cleverly packaged in a sleek black and red gift tube. Because crystal is course and porous to best intensify flavors, Riedel recommends protecting it by hand washing. --Kara Karll

EAN: 9006206212897

Package Dimensions: 11.5 x 5.6 x 4.7 inches

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