Riedel Veritas Moscato/Coupe/Martini Glass, Pack of 4 Includes Wine Pourer with Stopper and Polishing Cloth

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Brand: Riedel

Color: Clear


  • RIEDEL MARTINI GLASS: The unadorned machine-made Cocktail glass of the light-weight glass collection RIEDEL Veritas distinguishes lighter, finer and being suitable for long term daily use at home.The Veritas Coupe/Cocktail set is ideal for the following Martini grapes.
  • DESIGN: This handmade glass has a shape that is a classic with a unique style all its own. Perfect for presentation of sparkling wines and an alternative to the standard cocktail glass.
  • VERITAS COLLECTION: RIEDEL VERITAS is a glass machine blown crystal of unsurpassed thinness and lightness. RIEDEL VERITAS combines the charm of a handmade glass with the consistent accuracy only a machine made glass can achieve.
  • BUNDLE INCLUDES: Riedel Veritas Moscato/Coupe/Martini Glass (2-pack) with Riedel Large Microfiber Polishing Cloth and Cuisinart Wine Pourer with Stopper

Details: Lighter, finer and suitable for long term daily use at homeShape is a classic with a unique style all its ownPerfect for presentation of sparkling winesAlternative to the standard cocktail glassUnadorned machine-made crystal with handmade glass charmSet of 2 coupe/cocktail glassesDishwasher safePerfect for Martini or MoscatoIdeal glass for romantic dinners, formal dinners or weddings

Package Dimensions: 18.5 x 14.2 x 12.5 inches

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