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Riedel Vinum Crystal Pinot Noir/Burgundy Wine Glass, Set of 6

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Brand: Riedel


  • Machine blown crystal
  • Includes 6 stemmed glasses
  • Designed for Pinot Noir, Burgundy (red), and more
  • Adds beauty and elegance to your table
  • Makes a perfect gift

Details: Sip in style with this Riedel Vinum Pinot Noir Burgundy glass set. Introduced in 1986, Vinum became the first machine-made glass in history to be based on the characteristics of grape varietal. Designed in tasting work shops based on the performance where the content commands the shape, each Vinum glass is made from machine-blown crystal and shaped for each type of wine or beverage. This set is perfect for full-bodied red wines (more than 12.5 percent alcohol) with high acidity and moderate tannin. This glass directs the flow of wine onto the zone of the tongue which perceives sweetness, thereby highlighting the rich fruit and tempering the high acidity of the wine. The large bowl captures all the nuances of the wine's aroma. With its specially designed shape to enhance the flavor, this beautiful Pinot Noir Burgundy glass set is the perfect way to enjoy Pinot Noir, Burgundy (red), and other wines. 8-1/4" H, with a 24.75 ounce capacity

EAN: 0639725904258

Package Dimensions: 13.8 x 10.8 x 9.3 inches

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