Ritzenhoff Draft Beer Glass with Coaster by Designer Potts

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Brand: Ritzenhoff

Color: Multicolor


  • Large (weizen) draft beer glass for a magnificent drink
  • A great gift idea
  • Capacity: 17 ounces
  • All Ritzenhoff beer glasses come with a beautiful matching coaster
  • Gently hand wash with mild soap

Details: More than 280 designers from all over the world work for Ritzenhoff - architects, designers and artists along with comic illustrators, advertisers, illustrators, interior designers, set designers and sculptors. They all contribute their own style and differing working methods to an endless variety of ideas - thus Ritzenhoff has created a minor encyclopedia of contemporary design on glass. Designs from designers from all over the world have crowned the Ritzenhoff line of beer glasses for the enjoyment of beer drinkers everywhere. Large glasses for a magnificent drink: Draft beer glasses by Ritzenhoff. So much fuss before you get to drink it: first, carefully place the bottleneck at the bottom of the glass, gently tip the bottle and slowly withdraw it as the beer rises in the glass. This takes courage: any air trapped between the bottle and the rising beer will immediately cause it to bubble over the glass'' edge. Once the glass is almost full, the bottle is laid on its side and rolled to and fro to produce the particularly stable and beautiful froth that crown''s the beer. Finally, a slice of lemon as the finishing touch. There''s no doubt about it: just the barest whiff of Hefe, Kristall or other Weizen beers instantly brings summer, beer gardens and a Bavarian zest for life to mind. And Weizen has now also become highly popular in north Germany and neighbouring countries. And not just there. Weizen has conquered the world. And Ritzenhoff''s Weizen collection has conquered the hearts of beer drinkers everywhere. Draft (Weizen) glasses hold approximately 17 ounces.

Package Dimensions: 12.1 x 9.2 x 7.6 inches

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