Rolf Glass Peacock White Wine Glass (Set of 4), 12 oz, Clear

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Brand: Rolf Glass

Color: Clear


  • These unique wine glasses are diamond-wheel engraved to add elegance to the everyday use
  • Great for serving white wines, the more narrow design of this bowl releases the aromas and flavors of each wine, while maintaining a cooler temperature ideal for white wine varieties.
  • This classic white wine glass features an elegant stem elevates the bowl and a wide foot provides stability and balance.
  • Each glass measures 8 1/2 inches H by 3 1/8 inches D and holds 12 ounce
  • Each white wine glass is crafted of lead free glass in the USA.

Details: The delicate beauty of the peacock feather, playfully adorns this lovely stemware. Symbolic of immortality, protection, enlightenment and renewal, these designs evoke an airy summers afternoon. Create a majestic moment of your own with these delightful additions to your tabletop décor.

Package Dimensions: 14.5 x 10.0 x 3.5 inches

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