Set of 2 Wheat Beer Glass 17 Ounce for Better Head Retention

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Brand: SANZO

Color: Clear


  • Wheat crystal beer mug set of 2
  • These glasses are sturdy and made with non-leaded crystal to make sure that your drinks taste the way they are supposed to.
  • This craft beer glass set serves as the perfect gift for both someone experimenting with new styles of beer and someone more seasoned in their ale selection.
  • Just as with wine, the proper glass is essential for appreciating the subtleties of flavor, mouth-feel, aroma, and color in beer.
  • Whether you need a gift for Dad, best friend or anyone from the home brewer to the occasional drinker, our uniquely designed, nucleated pint glasses will hit the mark.

Details: Each is crafted with a solid heavy base that keeps your glass exactly where you placed it and adds insulation to stop temperature transfer and keep your beer cool while you drink.

EAN: 8415617231211

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