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Waterford Lismore Cake Plate, clear

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Brand: Waterford

Color: Clear


  • Dessert has never been quite so dazzling before
  • 11-inches diameter
  • Leaf-and-star-patterned Lismore design has a slightly pastoral look
  • Hand-washing is recommended to preserve clarity of crystal
  • Introduced November 1993

Details: Product Description As bright as sunshine, the Lismore footed cake plate possesses diamond and wedge cuts emanating fro the center like luminous rays. Amazon.com This lavish footed crystal cake plate is part of Waterford's Lismore series. Waterford has been making renowned crystal pieces for more than 200 years and has named many of its patterns after towns in Waterford and other neighboring counties. The Lismore design features repeating leaf motifs for a lively, natural look. A 16-rayed star is cut into the center of the plate; the top of the pedestal forms a circle in the center of the star. The eight-sided pedestal stem flares out to a stable, 5-inch base. A scintillating ring of diamond wedge cuts encircles the star on the plate, and Lismore's signature elongated leaf cuts radiate outward toward the edge. There is a matching Lismore flat cake plate; other serving pieces in the Lismore series include a pitcher, a carafe, and square and pedestal bowls. To preserve its clarity, wash the cake plate with a mild liquid soap and warm (not hot) water; do not wash in dishwasher as this may permanently etch surface of crystal. Certain water may leave a lime or mineral deposit on the crystal; if that happens, vinegar on a soft, nonabrasive cloth will help remove the deposit. Rinse with warm water and polish with a lint-free cloth. Do not store upside down on its rim or stand on its rim on a draining board. Crystal can focus sunlight into a concentrated beam that could potentially scorch rugs or furniture, so do not store or display in direct sunlight. The cake plate measures 11 inches in diameter by 5 inches tall. --Garland Withers

Package Dimensions: 14.0 x 13.7 x 10.0 inches

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