ZALTO Burgundy Glass 2P Gift Set

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Brand: Zalto

Color: Transparent


  • a scent that touches the tip of the nose
  • If you enjoy wine, you've heard of Zalto's name at least once. Zalto is a handcrafted wine glass company. Glass craftsmen blow hot glass with their mouths to complete the wine glass.
  • The Denk' art series Burgundy Red Wine Glass is also made from the breath of craftsmen. It's very thin, but it's well centered.
  • Grab a thin stem and shake it. Wine will flow through the wide balls inside the glass, delivering the scent to the tip of your nose. Close your eyes and feel the weight and aroma of the wine.
  • Material: unleaded crystal Capacity: 960ml Height: 230mm Composition: 2P wine glasses, exclusive boxes & shopping bags

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